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Never enough time.

It is not suppose to happen to our own but of course it does.  Went to a funeral last night for the son of a good friend.

Cancer could not be credited for  this child but in the long run it doesn’t matter.  We shouldn’t have to bury our children.

Not suggesting that my faith has altered.  Still determined to make a difference.  A grief counselor at the funeral

shared a story:  she was attempting to coordinate a grief meeting with children.  That is intimidating!  She did not know what to

say.  There were four siblings that had just lost their father.  One piped up without being coaxed and said he knew why his

God took his dad to heaven.  He said it was because God was tired of “old people”.  God Bless You All!

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My Greatest Honor

Sometimes, not very often, we have a child fighting cancer that does not respond to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or anything

human that we have to offer.  I had the honor of taking care of one of them today.  He is amazing.  15 – going to school by

his own choice- quiet, subdued.  What do you say other than “I love you”.

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9 more bags to adults

Yesterday my sister and I were house bound because of Isaac.  Rather than sit around or take a nap, we decided

to pack bags.  I lost my husband in May and I have been very inconsistant about the Cancer bag delivery.  Needless

to say the nurses today  were very happy to see the 9 bags that will help our cancer patients on their initial journey.

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Donations that benefit everyone. God is good!

Oh my gosh.  We raise most of our money for the Cancer Care Bags through garage sales.  Yesterday one of the

adult nurse oncology (cancer) educators came over with an entertainment center, television and 4 boxes of misc

items to sell at our next sale.  She is going to bring over a bed and chest of drawers as soon as the weather clears.

(We are in the middle of Isaac).  I thanked her over and over but she just shrugged and said “it’s for cancer”.

It is so heartwarming when your fellow workers believe in what you are doing.

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Cancer Education and Gifts

Hello, I am the back part of Hanlen’s.  (Helen).  Our misssion is to provide information and useful resources to people that

are newly diagnosed with cancer.  We supply educational gift bags and samples of items needed for any individual newly

diagnosed with cancer.  We work off of donations and fund raising events.  We had the most awesome experience three days

ago.  We did a presentation for our local Knights Of Columbus.  They were so kind and supportive of our mission.  We are hopefully

going to collaborate an event in the future.  Thank you Knights for a wonderful evening!

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