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Cancer Care Kit from Hanlen's Happy Hearts

Cancer Care Kit from Hanlen’s Happy Hearts

Cancer Care Kit When a person is diagnosed with cancer their whole life changes from that point forward and the new focus is on the road to recovery. The treatment plan that each oncolgy physician prescribes can be complex and puzzling but it is absolutely necessary to follow it by detail. Hanlen’s Happy Hearts has designed a cancer care kit to quickly educate and help people who are newly diagnosed to become authorities at fighting this terrible disease. Our cancer care package is a durable bag that is filled with essential items. The goal of the bag is to give basic tools that explain medical terms, treatment options, how to handle potential side effects of treatments, and how to stay organized at a time that is very chaotic. There are also “tips” that have been gathered through the years by the creator of the bag, who is a registered Oncology nurse. You can purchase a bag today for someone special to you.